SHEVOLUTION – A New Brand In Women's Professional Wrestling!


Powered by EVE, SHEVOLUTION is launching Sunday June 10 at 3pm at Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, a new brand in women’s professional wrestling, with a separate roster and Championship to EVE, with SHEVOLUTION more focused on the exciting young talent emerging on the wrestling scene around the country including performers when ready to debut from EVE Academy.

Whereas EVE events are Saturday night events and strictly 18+, SHEVOLUTION will be open to all ages, will take place on Sunday afternoons and will be of a different format to the EVE events!

All SHEVOLUTION events will be added to our streaming service making it even more great value and can’t miss!

Our June 10 event will see competitors vie for spots in the SHEVOLUTION Championship Tournament!

There will at times be guest appearances from EVE roster regulars in matches with these younger performers.
However, they are guest appearances only and nobody classed as being on the EVE roster will be eligible to contend for the SHEVOLUTION Championship.

There will be a mini draft with a few performers from EVE moving over to SHEVOLUTION.

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