In this single match Simon Grimm & Tyler Bateman put on a great display of Professional Wrestling that was technically sound and reminiscent of days gone as they fought for a spot in the main event at the Los Angeles Grand Prix.


Rogue Wrestling is like no other promotion out there…

During this event we saw Killer Kross & Super Panda Battle it out in a Strap Match to win their spot back into title contention.

Ruby Raze & Shotzi Blackheart face Priscilla Kelly & Vipress for the inaugural Rogue Wrestling Tag Team Title

John Hennigan Aka John Morrison Aka Johnny Rogue faces off in the tournament with Simon Grimm, Tyler Bateman, Brian Cage, Rey Horus and AEW Star Peter Avalon for the Rogue Tournament Title

Rogue Tournament Wrestling brings the Best Wrestlers from around the world to compete in a series of tournaments and crown 1 True World Champion.

Each tournament currently consist of 6 Challengers, the winner of each match advances to the finals. The finals are hosted the same night, requiring the athletes to battle it out 2x each night for their chance to be crowned a Rogue Tournament Champion.

After our 4th Tournament we will be hosting Event #5 Titled :
The Rogue Tournament Of Champions

The Rogue Tournament Of Champions will bring back our 4 Previous Tournament Winners to battle it out against each other to crown the World Champion.

Rogue Wrestling : Los Angeles Grand Prix

Location : 1720 Warehouse , Los Angeles CA

Date : June 2nd, 2019

Athletes :

Simon Grimm
Tyler Bateman
Rey Horus
Brian Cage
Johnny Rogue
Peter Avalon

Shotzi Blackheart
Ruby Raze
Priscilla Kelly

Super Panda
Killer Kross


Izyk “The Hammer” Haze
Rick Knox
Nick Bonanno

Live Host :

Melissa Santos
Cory “El Jefe” DeMeyers


Joshua Shibata
Kathy Campanelli


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