NWA Powerrr debuts on Tuesday 10/8 at 6:05pm right here on http://www.YouTube.com/NWA. Powerrr is available WORLDWIDE and with NO RESTRICTIONS. It will be on-demand after the live 6:05pm viewing here and on http://www.facebook.com/NWA.

The National Wrestling Alliance brought back studio wrestling this past week in Atlanta, GA at the GPB Studios with the debut tapings of the new series #NWAPowerrr.

This series is a throwback to the old school studio wrestling era but modernized not only in how it’s produced but in how it’s distributed.

In this special episode of #TenPoundsofGold (directed by Ary Dalton), we take you behind the scenes of NWA Powerrr and everything that lead up to the very first show. That includes talents like Jim Cornette, Nick Aldis, Eli Drake and Billy Corgan’s first reaction of walking into the GPB Studios and seeing the vibe of the room.

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