You want tag team wrestling? Look no further than AIW, where the Jollyville Fuck Its, The Hooligans, The Sex Bob-ombs, and The Submission Squad can put on an amazing show like this *before* AIW Tag Team Champions The Batiri take to the ring to defend their titles. This match, from 2013’s critically acclaimed Gleaming the Cube event, was the AIW debut of The Hooligans, who got the hard to impress Turners Hall crowd off their seats with their unprecedented blend of brutal pugilism and awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics. In addition, see the boys from Jollyville continue building their reputation as one of the great tag team discoveries of 2013, Davey Vega and Matt Fitchett turn up the heat on their comeback tour, and the Submission Squad do anything to maintain their place as self-proclaimed #1 contenders to the tag titles. The winners here had momentum in mind with Double Dare in the near future, and with four teams pulling out all the stops, this is not a match you want to miss!

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