Viper vs Kay Lee Ray *THIS SATURDAY*

In the course of 12 months, Viper had been defeated just twice in Pro-Wrestling:EVE, the first at the hands of Meiko Satomura, the second to Aja Kong. Then came a shocking third loss to Charli Evans. The wear and tear on the body from the constant travel and non stop hard-hitting matches around the world, continuing to compete even when injured seemed to finally catch up with “The Vixen of Violence”, with Viper’s neck specifically taking constant physical abuse and Charli Evans being prepared to exploit that.

Following the match, Viper’s best friend Kay Lee Ray hit the ring sensing something was wrong, but then in a public heart to heart revealed the pair would be facing off in a SHE-1 Qualifier on Saturday Aug 11.

Check this moment out here.

Kay Lee Ray vs Viper takes place Saturday Aug 11 in London.
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