ESPN’s repackaging of the WCCW tv broadcasts. I am not the copyright owner. Just simply posting old hard to find videos for everyone’s viewing pleasure. These were all taped straight off the television so forgive the somewhat reduced quality. I have many more from this series that I will be posting over time (when I have time that is). I grew up in the Dallas area and watched Saturday Night Wrestling on channel 11 KTVT, shot in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s where it all started for the Von Erichs. They then began running two weekly shows, as they also picked up channel 39 in Dallas. The channel 39 shows aired on Sunday mornings. And those were the shows that were syndicated all over the country. I’ve researched it a lot and even asked Mickey Grant (Producer for the channel 39 shows) what has happened to the channel 11 footage, you just don’t see much of out there. He says as far as he knows, not much of it survived. That’s a shame because I actually enjoyed the Fort Worth footage more than the Dallas footage. It was grittier and less of a “production”(It was like two cameras if I remember right. One stationary, and one handheld). Anyway, no matter how you slice it…. Dallas/Fort worth had the best wrestling promotion going. Nobody could really touch it in it’s heyday. The only thing that held it back was Fritz Von Erich refusing to “go national” in the way that WWE (WWF) did. Which, for me, is fine. I’m happy that it stayed a Texas entity and didn’t become some huge corporate thing. This type of wrestling promotion and the idea of keeping them in territories was really the best way to go about it. It gave each region their own brand of wrestling, and their own stars. The way the world is now, you won’t ever see that happen again. When Kevin Von Erich sold out to the WWE, he only sold the channel 39 footage, plus some old back & white footage from back in the 60s when it was called Big Time Wrestling. Other than the odd Fort Worth match that would be added to the channel 39 Sportatorium (Dallas) shows, I have not seen any actual full Saturday Night Wrestling episodes. If anybody has some of the Fort Worth shows drop me a line. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys this video and stay tuned for more.

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