WCCW Wrestling Star Wars ’83
Wrestling Star Wars 6/83
June 17, 1983 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 21,000 ($300,000)
Genichiro Tenryu pinned Johnny Mantell (11:35).

Vicki Carranza pinned Lola Gonzales (11:10)to win the “Mexican Women’s” Title.

Jose Lothario, Chris Adams, & Chavo Guerrero beat Bill Irwin, Fishman, & The Mongol (Gene Lewis) (7:03) when Guerrero pinned Mongol.

Buddy Roberts NC Iceman Parsons (8:10) in a “hair vs. hair” match. However, Parsons used the “Freebird hair cream” on Roberts.

David Von Erich beat Jimmy Garvin (11:29) via DQ to win Garvin & Sunshine as valets for a day.

All-Japan United National Champ Jumbo Tsuruta pinned Ted DiBiase (14:07).

All-Japan PWF Champ Giant Baba pinned King Kong Bundy (5:24).

Kimala beat Armand Hussein, Tola Yatsu, & Mike Bond (3:39) in a “handicap loser leaves town” match when he pinned Yatsu and then Bond.

NWA World Champ Harley Race beat Kevin Von Erich (13:22) via DQ.

Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody beat Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (11:14) to win the World Class American Tag Title when Von Erich pinned Hayes.

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