Watch all of my 1991 WWC uploads in order using this playlist:

Clip of Fidel Sierra vs. TNT
Sweet Brown Sugar & Super Medico III vs. The Fly & El Dragon
Jemmi the Giant interview
TNT interview
Video of the feud between Giant Warrior & Dick Murdoch
Dick Murdoch interview
Dick Murdoch vs. Sabu (not that one)
Fidel Sierra interview
Sweet Brown Sugar interview
Giant Warrior interview
Gran Mendoza & Randy Rhodes vs. El Corsario & Herbert Gonzalez
The Heartbreakers interview
Dino Bravo interview
Carlos Colon interview
Dino Bravo squash from WWF TV
Huracan Castillo Jr. interview
Miguelito Perez interview
El Bronco & Invader I interview
The Heartbreakers vs. Billy Strong & Tito Carrion

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