WWE WOULDN’T LET HER FIGHT THIS WAY! Jazzy “Alpha Female” Gabert vs Rhia O’Reilly FREE MATCH

When you watch this match you’ll ask the question “Why wouldn’t WWE let Jazzy Gabert fight this way when she was contracted to them?” her style is brutal, it’s modern and it’s realistic of what a 6’1″ wrestler turned MMA fighter can and indeed WOULD do.

When “Alpha Female” Jazzy Gabert appeared in the 2017 Mae Young Classic the WWE fans sang “PLEASE SIGN JAZZY!” following her match, so why were WWE hesitant in doing so? In fact it would be well over a year before WWE eventually signed her but it was to WWE’s newer NXT UK brand and NOT the US based NXT brand who’s fans she competed in front of initially. Eventually not a lot would happen with Jazzy in NXT UK and she left of her own accord just 12 months later in January 2020.

As mentioned the former WWE NXT Star Jazzy Gabert AKA “Alpha Female” is not just a wrestler but also an MMA Fighter and was even scheduled to main event a mega show in Japan against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Hall of Famer Gabi Garcia before being lured back to professional wrestling.

Despite WWE having signed former UFC fighters Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir, it seems WWE were not keen for there to be a fifth female MMA fighter in WWE despite the obvious dream booking of matches that it could bring.

Alpha Female also had the advantage of being a wrestler BEFORE she transitioned into MMA meaning her unique MMA / Pro-Wrestling style coupled with her 19 years of pro wrestling experience could seriously bring out the best of both in their matches.

It’s a shame that Jazzy Gabert never truly got to show this side of “Alpha Female” in WWE, but the good news is after deciding to leave she’s back doing what she loves – performing in EVE where she first won the Championship by beating another MMA competitor “Female Fight Machine” Jenny Sjodin in 2012, but also creating her own wrestling promotion – Sirius Sports Entertainment!

Take a look at Alpha’s first match after she left WWE as the former EVE Champion faces the current EVE Champion “The Fightin’ Irish” Rhia O’Reilly in a wild anything goes brawl!

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